Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's all go on holidays

15th of August.A great celebration of Mary the mother of Jesus and a day off for the Greeks.That's not so important.But it is also the period when almost everybody who is able gets some days off and goes to some beach to relax,flirt...whatever.And why is that everybody goes on vacation during this very same for all week?Why do they cry there are no rroms to stay afterwards?Service at restaurants is not working well and how could it work if there are so many people asking for food.The beaches are full of people.Children playing,babies crying,middle aged mothers bring their food to feed their already fat offspring.But,few choose to take some days off in June or July.Oh no,15th of August,that's the date!
I am making this comment after trying to find a hair studio for a mere haircut as I was ordered by my officer to do.I found one open after checking about 12!
Greece is nice,perhaps better,in June,July and December too.Don't go on holidays like sheep.


At August 18, 2007 at 10:11 PM , Blogger Delz said...

Well, it's easy for you to say don't go on holiday, Yianni, living in Greece. :P

15th August is an important day for us too. Independence day. And doubly for us Catholics for the same reason it's important for you.

At August 21, 2007 at 5:39 AM , Blogger Heiron said...

Ha!It's like 25th March for the Greek Orthodox.Both an independence day and a great rteligious celebration. ;)
However the point of the post was people going holidays at the same period etc etc.


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